About Us

Redbridge Education Partnership (REP) is an independent organisation of 45 schools that have been working together since 2014 to become a formal partnership just over three years ago. REP aims to lead and sustain success for all Redbridge children within its membership organisation, working together with shared values while supporting and recognising the autonomy of individual schools.

Quality of Education

REP schools have collaborated to ensure all students have access to sustained quality of education, guidance and support. REP aims to make sustained progress by building a stronger partnership while remaining devoted to our core values.

Leadership and Management

Inspiring and effective leadership at all levels guarantees that our schools share in our commitment to provide excellence and success for all.

Service and Care

The facilitation of continued improvement and learning ensures that all staff and students strive for their best and able to thrive.

Contact us

Redbridge Education Partnership
c/o Chadwell Primary School
High Road
Chadwell Heath

T: 020 8597 3294
E: [email protected]